Red Pheasant Cree Nation

Red Pheasant
Cree Nation

Red Pheasant Cree Nation is a proud First Nation situated in Treaty No. 6 Territory in Central Saskatchewan, 30 minutes south of the Battlefords

COVID-19 Update

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their support and commitment to RPCN and our members, particularly in their efforts on dealing with the COVID-19 operations. During the last two years, COVID-19 continued to interfere with carrying out normal activities, however, we managed to provide an acceptable service level to our people. We must continue to take the necessary precautions to protect our staff and our members. We will continue by following and maintaining certain protocols. We must be vigilant given the new COVID variants that are appearing in our province.


The George Benson Memorial Grounds July 1- 3, 2022


A business-forward leadership that guides Red Pheasant Cree Nation to prosperity while honoring all those that have walked the path before us. 


RPCN is reviving Cree culture through our programming, honoring our Elders, and our cultural events.

Our Success

RPCN believes that a strong economy leads a stronger Nation. Our efforts to promote the economic interests of the Nation have effectively brought it closer to its goal of self-sufficiency.

Our People

RPCN believes that to truly honor our people, we must create a strong community with an abundance of resources to create a strong community where all can be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Member Services


1 Year Anniversary of our 100% Owned and Operated Centex Gas Bar

In May of 2021, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of our 100% owned and operated Centex Gas Bar in North Battleford.

Red Pheasant becomes one of few First Nations to gain Financial Control

In 2018, the Band officially took over it’s financial control from external finance contractors, giving greater control to the Band, allowing greater control of its own destiny.

Potential Red Pheasant High School in North Battleford

Red Pheasant leadership is currently developing our Urban Lands in North Battleford and are talking about a potential Indigenous High School.

Upcoming Events

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