Red Pheasant Cree Nation


Culture Camp

Our Youth Culture Camps are intended to be a transformative experience for our young ones. We explore cultural identity, relationships, and well-being as the foundations for positive change. Our camps provide group-based activities that connect youth with land-based skills, survival skills, traditional teachings and more. 

Throughout our Cultural Camp experience, youth camp out in groups surrounded by mother nature. We offer:


  • Medicine Picking
  • Survival training
  • Beading workshops
  • Traditional crafts
  • Elder tipi-teachings
  • Hunting
  • Drum Making
  • Grief and loss sessions
  • Gang awareness
  • Ceremony
  • Many group activities
  • Traditional foods

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Annual Pow wow

The Red Pheasant Cree Nation hosts an annual pow wow that is held at George Benson Memorial Pow wow Grounds  in July. The public is welcome and encouraged to join hundreds of Indigenous people as they joyfully celebrate Indigenous Culture. This public event is free to attend and, as always, is an alcohol and drug-free event.

Pow wow July 1-3, 2022