Red Pheasant Cree Nation


The Red Pheasant Farming initiative was developed to begin farming on behalf of the band once all leases expired with non-band members. In 2016 & 2017, we farmed a total of 1100 acres. In 2018, we expanded to 1600 acres and in 2019, we expanded further to 4000 acres. Over the last few years, we have reached 5000 acres on RPCN farm lands, harvesting 2500 acres of Canola and 2500 acres of Barley. On top of that, we rent 340 acres to the North Battleford North Stars Hockey team for their fundraising initiatives, and 2600 acres to another farming partner. 

Our Farming department focuses on weed management, plant nutrition and harvesting. The farm strives to expand and grow to farm all our lands and to employ many more band members.