Red Pheasant Cree Nation

Latest Updates

1 Year Anniversary of our 100% Owned and Operated Centex Gas Bar

April 28, 2022

In May of 2021, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of our 100% owned and operated Centex Gas Bar in North Battleford. The ceremony included dignitaries from North Battleford and surrounding areas. Representatives from the City, Chiefs from surrounding First Nation communities, local Elders and more came out to support the start of our journey. 

Over the year we have quickly become a hub for locals and those passing through the city. We offer monthly giveaways that range from Concert tickets to household appliances, over on our Facebook page. The store itself is equipped with a GOmarket for all your convenience needs, hard ice cream, and MBC Bingo Cards.

Since gas prices are through the roof, we want to save you money. That’s why EVERYONE can save 3 cents/litre, and Status Card holders can save 3 cents + rebate! 

The gas station and convenience store marks the first completed commercial development on the Red Pheasant urban land in North Battleford.

Red Pheasant becomes one of few First Nations to gain Financial Control

April 18, 2022

In 2018, the Band officially took over it’s financial control from external finance contractors, giving greater control to the Band, allowing greater control of its own destiny.

The Chief and Council worked hard to achieve Financial Certification by the First Nations Financial Management Board. This, along with good audits, allowed the band to enter into a 10 year Grant Agreement. This agreement allows for greater flexibility in spending while reducing the onerous reporting to our funders. This grant was only offered to those that were financially certified. As of April 2019 their were only 7 bands in Saskatchewan that were eligible. Due to the Financial Certification, Red Pheasant also qualified for First Nation Finance Authority (FNFA) lending. This is lending offered to First Nations that greatly reduces the cost of borrowing in comparison to conventional banks. This has allowed the band to also take over some of the programs that have been offered by other organizations. This includes the Clifford Wuttunee School, the Health Clinic and the Eagle Hills Daycare. Red Pheasant has taken big strides in this area and is proud of its achievements and its ability to begin leading in the area of administration, finance and governance.

More details on the FNFMB Financial Certification here.

Potential Red Pheasant High School in North Battleford

April 16, 2022

Red Pheasant leadership is currently developing our Urban Lands in North Battleford and are talking about a potential Indigenous High School.

Indigenous Services Canada’s (ISC) process used for determining a new school build for a First Nation is an extremely long process, with many stages.

The first stage in obtaining a new school is to actually get on the list with a request to be considered. The first application a few years ago included a joint application with Mosquito and working with Living Sky School Division to do a new build between the reserves. This venture was unsuccessful.

Red Pheasant Cree Nation (RPCN) proceeded with an application for a feasibility study stage. In the 2021-2022 Fiscal year budget, Red Pheasant was approved to conduct a feasibility study for a new high school. The project group submitted a request to consider the new high school to be built on the RPCN North Battleford lands and to expand the target market. This request was supported by the Battleford Agency Tribal Council (BATC) Chiefs. Normally, ISC school builds are based on the on-reserve population and the allocated square footage is based on these numbers. RPCN would have been looking at a very small number and a very small school if it would even be approved. Due to the unique situation of the proposed location of the high school, the request was approved to consider the First Nation population in the city of North Battleford.

This was exciting news, and now the possibilities for a new high school for our First Nation urban youth from RP and surrounding communities are endless! The project group went through a tender process to select a lead agency to conduct the feasibility study and AODBT architects were selected. The study will be conducted until the end of June 2022.

This does not guarantee a new school build, but is definitely a step in the right direction!